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INVESTING is the most effective way to become financially successful. The richest people on the planet have gained financial independence through investment. Such people have long forgotten (and some have never known) the phrase "no money". The company "Foundex Trade" has united us in a single collective, which is on the "same wave", has a single goal.

Foundex is a team of young, ambitious, like-minded people. Everyone is a narrow-profile professional in their investment field: IT startups, artificial intelligence technologies, cryptocurrency and blockchain, trading. In addition to the investment specialists themselves, our team includes a development manager, a lawyer, technical specialists, customer support, etc.

We have established a successful, promising, profitable business!

We know how to make money in the field of investment and are ready to share this opportunity with you-our partners!

Why do investors trust us?

  • advantages
    Experience and stability

    Continuous payments on your deposit day and night.

  • advantages
    Reliability and safety

    Own crm-system, unique cabinet security system, secure server.

  • advantages
    Professional algorithms

    The time-tested strategy work.

  • advantages
    Available to everyone

    The possibility of earning up to 3% per day, the minimum deposit amount is 10 USD.

  • advantages

    Daily profit accruals, daily payments, professional support service.

  • advantages
    Additional income

    A great opportunity for additional earnings, including WITHOUT ADDITIONAL INVESTMENTS.

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How do we earn money?

We invest both our own money and the funds of our investors in profitable, promising areas. By attracting funds to the management, we earn % of the profit of our clients. Thus, we are primarily interested in making our investors earn more.

The entire capital is reliably diversified, and if there is a drawdown in any of the areas for the accounting period, all other investments completely cover the negative, such a business strategy allows you to have a stable positive financial result, this is also facilitated by the presence of a stabilization fund.

When investing with Foundex, you do not need to" puzzle " what tools to invest in in order to guarantee a permanent passive income for yourself. Our team will do it for you.

Favorable rates for passive earnings

Our investment offer will not leave even the most experienced investor indifferent

Investment amount:
Daily profit:
$ 25
Monthly income:
$ 525
* - The amount depends on the number of working days in the calendar period
Minimum amount to invest: 10 USD

Profitability in the investment balance sheet::
from 10 to 100 USD = 2% per day (40-42% per month)
from 100 to 1 000 USD = 2,25% per day (45-47,25% per month)
from 1 000 to 10 000 USD = 2,50% per day (50-52,50% per month)
from 10 000 to 100 000 USD = 2,75% per day (55-57,75% per month)
more than 100,000 USD = 3% per day (60-63% per month)

Profit accrual: every business day (please note that exchanges are closed on holidays and weekends (holiday schedule))

Investment lifetime: Term is unlimited

Investment features: All your investments are added together. For example, by investing 9,000 USD, you will earn 2.50% every day, but as soon as you invest another deposit of 1,000 USD on this tariff, your return will increase to 2.75% per day, and so on.

Want to earn even more?

Affiliate program - another source of income for our active customers.By inviting new users, you not only provide them with the opportunity for long-term passive earnings, but also earn quite generous bonuses for yourself.

Taking part in the partner program, every registered ex user.Trade has the ability to receive partner bonuses up to 3 levels in depth not only from the contributions of its partners ( 7% / 3% / 1% )!

We will provide a reliable source of income

Three simple steps to Financial freedom and Independence

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    Enter your username, email, and password and register

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    Invest the amount with which you are ready to start our cooperation

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    Log in to your account every day and withdraw your daily profit

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